Quebec Modern

The most important group of Painters in Quebec in the late 1940s through the mid-1950s were the Automatistes. Paul-Emile Borduas was mainly responsible for bringing this group of painters together: Marcel Barbeau, Pierre Gauvreau, Fernand Leduc, Jean-Paul Mousseau, Marcelle Ferron, Jean-Paul Riopelle. This group of artists was bound by their passionate belief in modernism and especially in intellectual freedom. In 1948 they published the manifesto, Refus Global, which was an opportunity to express their deeply held beliefs. 1955 is generally considered the beginning of the Post Automatistes period. It includes artists such as Jean McEwen, Rita Letendre, Lise Gervais, Guy Michon, Guido Molinari, Claude Tousignant, Leon Bellefleur and others.


Members of the Quebec Modern Group




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